“That was her magic – she could still see the sunset, even on the darkest days.”

– Atticus
My current home is in a valley with lots of mature trees. While it’s beautiful where I live, I can’t see sunrises or sunsets, which makes them even more special when I experience them.

The way the sun reflects off the clouds, spreading a soft glow of color and light around everything it touches.  How each one is unique.

It’s easy to pause and soak up the magic of a sunrise or sunset without thinking about the need for light and dark.

You just accept the repeating patterns of day and night.

But for these moments to exist both the light and the dark are needed.  They can’t happen without one another.

This same concept is true for all areas of your life. But you don’t always notice the magic of transitions, especially when you fear what’s on the other side.

It’s easy to cling to the light. Those times in your life when things are going well.

You’re healthy and happy in your work. All the bills are paid with money left over for fun things. You have great friends, a comfortable home, and feel safe and secure.

So, when darkness comes, you resist it.

Maybe it approaches slowly, a chronic and debilitating health diagnosis. Or it could be sudden, like an accident or losing a job without warning. In these situations, it’s easy to fear the darkness.

You mourn the loss of security and dread having to find a new way forward.

You feel the darkness approaching and worry there will never be light again.

But there is magic in these transitions.  The potential for unique experiences that only happen through change.  Change that is born out of that ongoing pattern of day turning into night and turning into day again.

If you are willing to embrace the lessons of the dark AND trust that beyond this darkness there will be light, you can find possibility and hope in the transition.

I invite you to sit with the concept of light and dark by exploring these questions.

What has been your past experience with the light and the dark?

  • When have you resisted the dark and in doing so, missed the magic of the transition?
  • When were you able to accept the dark was coming and found the magic?
  • How might embracing these patterns of light and dark, beginnings and endings, help you navigate life with greater ease?
  • How can you embrace the concept that the light will come again, perhaps in a different form, even in places of great loss.
The next time you see a sunrise or sunset, how can you be a witness to the magic?