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Level Up Your Team

Team members in pyrimid holding target imageLeaders find the motivation to reach higher levels through curiosity, desire, and commitment. Successful leaders know that it isn’t enough for their personal leadership to grow; the entire team must reach a new level. This team-building series is designed to help leaders and their teams reach higher levels. It begins by understanding individuals and finding ways to combine their natural strengths to accomplish bold visions while allowing everyone to thrive.

Course Summary

Session 1: Know Your Perspective

How you show up is based on your perspective of the world. Knowing how each person on your team sees themselves provides the foundation for your team to grow, expand, and reach new levels.

Session 2: Authenticity: The Foundation for Bringing out the Best in Your Team

This session identifies the strengths and values of each team member.  Knowing this allows your team to define who they will become and the impact they will have in the world, individually and collectively.   

Session 3: Building Strong Relationships through the Power of Curiosity

Strong relationships are key for any team. In this session, you’ll discover easy tools for building trust and bringing out the best in those around you. 

Session 4: Achieving Success by Embracing Change

By embracing change, you’ll identify what isn’t working, define your team’s strengths and discover opportunities, while ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction. 

Session 5: Move Past Roadblocks Faster

It isn’t the roadblock that causes the biggest challenge, it’s how much time it takes your team to get around it. This session is about learning to turn obstacles into opportunities to level up.   

Session 6: Leading Others

Life is a series of opportunities to reach higher levels. This final session focuses on the key skills needed to foster a culture where teams continually embrace the opportunity to go higher.


  • Each session is 2 hours. Ideally, sessions are spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Sessions are educational and interactive for learning and team building.
  • Sessions build on each other with each session providing the groundwork for the next.
  • Learning notes will be sent before and after each session to give participants additional structure supporting the topics. Participants will receive handouts for each session.

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…finding ways to combine their natural strengths…

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