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Research used to suggest that once you became an adult, you stopped growing – physically and mentally. But modern-day research reveals adults continue learning and growing throughout their lives.

Your potential for success is endless if you can keep expanding your awareness and skills.

But how do you do this?

These keynotes and workshops are designed to engage your audience and take their perspective to a higher level.

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Speaking: Beginning at the End: The Power of Vision image

Beginning at the End: The Power of Vision

    A 20-minute presentation focused on achieving big goals.

    Does having a purpose in your life make a difference?

    Turns out it does. A study published in a 2019 JAMA article showed that people who felt their life had meaning and purpose not only lived longer, they had a lower incidence of stress-induced diseases.

    But discovering your purpose isn’t easy. You can’t sketch out a path unless you know where you want to end up. And that’s why we start at the end.

    By envisioning what you want at the end of your life, you create a navigation point to start from. Like the flag on a golf course, creating your vision allows you to align your decisions toward what matters most.


    This fun, interactive session is for professionals who want more out of life.

    Everyone has dreams. But few dare to turn them into reality. Successful people know the impact they want to have in the world and are willing to reach beyond what seems possible – but how do they do it?

    In this presentation, you’ll explore how to:

    1. Set bold visions even if you aren’t sure what you want.
    2. Get started in reaching your dreams.
    3. Move past roadblocks by aligning with what matters most.

    Speaking: Creating Teams that Win Big image

    Creating Teams that Win Big

    A 20-minute presentation focused on creating aligned and agile teams.

    Is Your Team Ready to Win the Big Game?

    As a leader, you probably spend most of your time on the playing field. It is your job to move the ball forward. But sometimes it is hard to know what is happening when you are on the field.

    What if you got off the field and saw your business from a higher perspective? What might you notice? How might it be easier for your team to successfully execute the plays? And how will your best clients become your biggest fans?

    We’ll explore how lessons from football might be the key to helping your team win the Big Game.


    This fast-paced session is for leaders seeking ways to build stronger teams.

    Intentional leaders create strong teams. They maintain perspective of everything that is happening and bring out the best in each person on their team.

    In this presentation, you’ll explore how to:

    1. Get a different perspective of your business.
    2. Understand how to get everyone moving in the same direction.
    3. Attract and retain customers because they believe in your ability to win.
    Speaking: Using Your Strengths to Navigate Roadblocks image

    Using Your Strengths to Navigate Roadblocks

    A 45-minute presentation designed to grow your leadership.

     What challenges are you willing to tackle to get what you want? How might dealing with challenges differently put you on a better path?

    Everyone hits roadblocks. Your specific roadblocks and the way you deal with them are based on your experiences and perspective of the world. We’ll explore how and why roadblocks happen, how you might be making things harder for yourself, and how to use your greatest strengths to get moving again.


    This session is for professionals and leaders who seek a greater awareness of themselves and others on their team. It’s designed to allow individuals to capitalize on their natural skills while bringing out the best in everyone.

    People who lead successful lives navigate challenges quickly and effectively.  They’re able to gain perspective and get back on track faster. This workshop challenges you to look at how you face obstacles and where there might be opportunities for different choices – choices that align with the success you want in life.

    In this presentation, you’ll explore how to:

    1. Examine your current leadership skills and understand how and why they were developed.
    2. Learn how to collaborate with others to reach a higher level of success.
    3. Capitalize on your individual strengths to overcome roadblocks and solve problems.
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