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Are you ready for something different?  Do you have skills and talents you long to be using?

I help professionals view their skills, talents and job market differently. From this alternate view, we can find a new way forward.  A better way.  

A different perspective allows you to:

  • Connect to what matters most in your professional career.
  • Identify new opportunities for using your gifts and talents.
  • Break through old paradigms about what you “should” be doing.
  • Find purpose and meaning in your work.

I work with professionals via E-courses and through in-person coaching sessions.

Janelle’s intuition has helped me recognize what was blocking me from the life I deserve. She has a unique way to help you peel back the pieces and get to your inner core and that is where the magic happens.


Jaime F.

Education iconeLearning ImageAbout the E-courses

My courses are designed to help you identify all the puzzle pieces in your professional life and find new ways to align with the life you want to be living. The courses provide you with new perspectives on your skills, talents, values, and goals.   From there, you create a new vision of what you want and work through any roadblocks.

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About Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to:

  • Discover insights and direction
  • Clarify your values, purpose, and mission
  • Articulate goals
  • Define strategies and action plans
  • Create a vision of your performing and living at your best

How Coaching Works

  1. Explore the Possibilities.  We begin with a complimentary exploration session lasting 30 minutes.  We’ll explore why you are considering coaching, what you hope to accomplish and you’ll get the chance to experience what it’s like to work with me.
  2. Develop a Plan. Based on your goals, we will agree on a structure that fits your schedule and needs. The frequency of coaching is dependent on the time you have for implementing your vision. 
  3. Commit to the Program. Sessions typically last 1 hour and are either in-person or via Zoom. I follow up each session with notes containing items we discussed, insights and perspectives on your progression and the steps you agreed to take before our next session. 

Coaching is a multi-step process. You will not get to where you want to be in one session. Change takes time and true commitment is what makes the process work. Only consider coaching if you are ready to invest in your future.

Are you ready to begin taking steps towards a meaningful career that energizes you?

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Contact me to explore the possibilities. It would be my honor to walk this path with you.