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Discover how You can push your potential.

As a business leader, you want certainty. You want to know if profits will continue to grow. Your team will show up. And your customers will remain loyal.

But certainty is impossible. Being able to lead through uncertainty is what sets you apart. And that’s where I can help. My work is to stand beside you amid the chaos and help you find the way forward for you and your business.

I’ll help you move beyond fear and discover what no longer serves you. By changing the view of your business, you can learn new ways to leverage the skills and talents of your team, tap into resources to help your business grow, lead efficiently and effectively, and spend more time doing what you love.

Are you ready to step into new opportunities that align with your vision and move your business forward?

Discover the ways I can help you reach your vision of success:

Janelle is as sharp as they come. She has a genuine passion for helping people visualize and then reach their full potential. Couple that passion with her business experience, and you have an incredible business partner.  Our work together over the years has helped me gain insights, inspiration, and motivation for building and growing my business.

I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.


Tom B.
Owner, PierGear

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I’ll give you space to name your highest hopes for your business and the biggest challenges in getting there. I’ll offer support and insights so you can get clear about your values, purpose, and mission and define strategies to accomplish your goals.

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Team Training iconTeam Training

Are you ready to develop your skills? Leaders like you see things differently. This training program is designed to help you turn obstacles into opportunities by bringing your team together to find the best way forward. Leading with purpose takes a fresh mindset focused on not just getting tasks done but leading the people doing the work. This training will encourage you to step into your power.

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Education iconBizLife Masterclass

Ready to grow your business with the help and support of other business owners? This Business Owners Only Masterclass is a powerful way for you to learn from other business owners, share experiences, and gain insight from a diverse group of people also on their path to success. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish by meeting virtually once a month. The feedback from this popular group has been overwhelmingly positive. Spots are limited, so get on the waiting list now if you’re serious about leveling up your business with others who understand your struggles.

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When I met Janelle, I had WAY too many goals and not enough focus. In a very short amount of time talking and working with Janelle, she walked me through a process to help me to identify my top goal priorities, develop action items that fit my specific business and some key strategies for putting the plan together.  My business is in a much better place today because of Janelle!


Shannon V.
Owner, Touching Hearts at Home
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