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Are you ready for something different?

I help you determine where you are, where you want to go, and what you want to be doing along the way. Taking your business to a higher level involves seeing things from a different perspective and being willing to change when necessary.

By changing the view of your business, you can discover new ways to leverage the skills and talents of your team, tap into resources to help your business grow, lead efficiently and effectively and spend more time doing what you love.

I will empower you through questions, challenge you to think outside the box for solutions and support you in attaining the vision you design. This is a collaborative process wherein you have the capability and expertise to reach your goals while I provide perspective, support and accountability.

My purpose is to walk the path of change with you so you can spend more of your time doing meaningful work that aligns with your vision and moves your business forward along the way.

The process begins by identifying and letting go of what no longer serves you and your business so you can:

  • Discover insights and direction
  • Clarify your values, purpose, and mission
  • Articulate goals
  • Define strategies and action plans
  • Create your vision of success

Through coaching you will:

  • Expand your awareness and mindset.
  • Allocate more of your time to what brings you the most joy and meaning in your work.
  • Increase your ability to effectively lead and mentor your team.
  • Strengthen skills for communicating change and expectations.

Janelle is as sharp as they come. She has a genuine passion for helping people visualize and then reach their full potential. Couple that passion with her business experience, and you have an incredible business partner.  Our work together over the years has helped me gain insights, inspiration, and motivation for building and growing my business.

I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.


Tom B.
Owner, PierGear
Coaching: Become a big fish.

How Coaching Works

  1. Explore the Possibilities. We begin with a complimentary exploration session lasting 30 minutes. We will explore why you are considering coaching, what you hope to accomplish and you’ll get the chance to experience what it’s like to work with me.
  2. Develop a Plan. Based on your goals, we will agree on a structure that fits your schedule and needs. The frequency of coaching is dependent on the time you have for implementing your vision.
  3. Commit to the Program. Sessions typically last 1 hour and are either in-person or via Zoom. I follow up each session with notes containing items we discussed, insights and perspectives on your progression and the steps you agreed to take before our next session.

Coaching is a multi-step process. You will not get to where you want to be in one session. I ask that clients commit to working with me for a minimum of 1 year. Change takes time and true commitment is what makes the process work. If during our time together, we discover that coaching is not a good fit or I am not the right coach for you, you can opt-out of the commitment. Only consider coaching if you are ready to invest in your future.

When I met Janelle, I had WAY too many goals and not enough focus. In a very short amount of time talking and working with Janelle, she walked me through a process to help me to identify my top goal priorities, develop action items that fit my specific business and some key strategies for putting the plan together.  My business is in a much better place today because of Janelle!


Shannon V.
Owner, Touching Hearts at Home
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