Navigating a Career Change

Are You Wanting More from Your Professional Life?

Career transitions are hard because they feel risky. You thought you picked a career that provided security and matched your skillset – yet you long to be doing something else. In this course, you will learn what it takes to make a successful career transition. You will gain the tools and perspective for navigating your authentic path with purpose, intention, and courage.

During the next 3 weeks you will:

  • Begin by letting go. The key to any transition is becoming aware and letting go of what no longer serves you. Only then can you discover what you want more of.
  • Identify the skills and strengths you want to use more. You will explore the values you want to honor and determine how you want to feel about your work.
  • Develop your guidance and support systems. These will allow you to make intentional choices aligned with your gifts.

This Course is Designed For:

People who want more joy and satisfaction from their work.


People searching for an authentic path using their natural skills and unique talents.


People willing to ignore societal norms and follow their inner voice.

How it works.

  • Over the course of 3 weeks, you will receive a daily email – Monday through Friday.
  • Each email will present a topic with a writing or brainstorming exercise to help you further explore each concept. Most days you will use a journal or computer to capture your thoughts.  On brainstorming days, you will need Post-it Notes or Index cards.
  • When you sign up for a course, you will receive a confirmation email. The first day of the course will start the first Monday after you sign up.

Themes you will explore:

Week 1:  Letting Go.  Every transition begins by letting go.  This does not mean quitting your current job. It means letting go of the attachment you have to your work.  Even unfulfilling work provides a level of security you must be willing to let go of to discover something new.  Most people skip this step, and it keeps them stuck in the status quo.

Week 2:  Reconnecting to Your Core.  Once you let go, a whole world of possibilities opens.  Your skills, strengths, and talents can be used in new ways.  You honor what is most important to you and feel differently about your work.  This week is about discovering what holds passion for you.

Week 3:  Discerning What You Want.  This is taking all the possibilities from Week 2 and exploring specific opportunities.  It can take time and patience to find the right fit.  This week gives you the tools to know when to keep pursuing an idea and when to move onto something else. 

Follow the course that has helped others discover their true path and thrive professionally.

Cost: $195