Elevating Your View:

Using Perspective to Change Your Business

Do You Ever Wonder if You are Leading Your Business in the Right Direction?

Leadership is hard. 

You love the freedom but don’t always know how to handle all the unexpected problems that pop up.  Everyone comes to you for answers and you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball to figure out the steps to success.  Sometimes it feels like you’re just throwing things against a wall and hoping something sticks.

You want to stop second-guessing your choices and lead with more confidence. 

The key is being able to pause and elevate your view. 

You need to see things from a higher perspective.  Like watching a football game from the press box, it changes your point of view.  You see plays unfolding differently from such a high vantage point.    Opportunities appear.  You’re able to see the strengths of your team more clearly and learn how you can use those strengths in creative ways to move your business forward.

This course gives you the opportunity to see your team and your trajectory from a higher perspective.  You’ll understand where you fit into the marketplace, so you can forge the right path for your team, your customers, and yourself.

During the next weeks you will:

  • Learn to pause and quiet your mind. You will let go of your daily tasks and sense the path your business is heading.
  • You will take an honest look at the strengths of your team and the challenges of your customers. Within this space, you can create a new path for your business.
  • Research shows that the most effective leaders practice mindfulness regularly. Mindfulness is pausing, elevating, and connecting to what matters most to you. This course will help you develop your unique practice.  

This Course is Designed For:

Owners who want to feel confident in the direction of their business.


Leaders searching for an authentic path using the natural skills and talents of their team.


Executives who are willing to ignore societal norms and follow their inner voice.

How it works.

  • During the next week, you will receive a daily email – Monday through Friday.
  • Each email will present a topic followed by questions to help you elevate the view of your business, your role, your team, and your customers.
  • When you sign up for the course, you will receive a confirmation email. Day 1 begins the first Monday after you sign up.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a downloadable workbook with all the lessons and exercises combined into one easy reference.

Theme you will explore:

Elevating Your View allows you to see how all the parts of your business are working together. As a leader, YOU set the direction for the rest of your team to follow. As you spend a week pausing and elevating, you will find a new way forward. A path that is unique to YOU.

Follow the course that has helped others discover possibilities and find balance.

Cost: $59