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Living into Your Vision of Success

Success – a small word and a BIG concept. We all want to feel as if our life is successful. But how do we define success? And once defined, how do we live into it? We begin this 3-week course by exploring what success really means to you. It’s your life – you need to own your success. We develop your personal guidance systems to help you stay on course, explore common roadblocks faced in the journey and learn how to work around them.

This course is designed for anyone wanting to live a more intentional professional life.

This is an expanded course that builds from my free workbook – “Vision of Success.”

Navigating a Career Change

Feel like the career you dreamed of is not quite working out the way you hoped? Do you have skills you long to be using but can’t seem to find your niche in the business world? Finding a new path to fulfilling work can be challenging. The people closest to you may not understand why you would leave a stable job in the hopes of finding a more rewarding field of work. But you can’t thrive professionally unless you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Your professional time should be spent using skills and talents that bring you happiness and make money.

This 3-week course is designed to help professionals find a new career path using thoughtfulness, intention, and a bit of research. If you are a professional contemplating making a career change – this course is for you.


Coming This Spring...

A course for Owners and Executives about when and why change is needed in the workplace.